Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kinkspiration: Aminata Cisse

Shameless Plug: Goddess Beauty

Hey, lovelies! I know it's been a while since I posted. "Why is this?", you ask? Because I and a close friend have been embarking on a business venture and, for the past 6 months, have been working on our the debut products for our brand, Goddess Beauty. Our products are quality hair and body products that are luxurious, nourishing and affordable. Containing only all-natural, raw, and unrefined products and certified organic ingredients, our customers experience the very best in hand-made beauty aides. All of our products are fit for a goddess; completely free of silicones, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, artificial colors, dyes and preservatives, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, lanolin, talc, and drying alcohols.

The debut items in our soft launch are hair and body butters available in fragrance free, and the incredible tangerine, lavender, and rosewood scents. You can check out our Etsy store at: www.wearegoddess.etsy.com for more information. Be sure to like our FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/wearegoddess for more information and to take advantage of our ongoing 10% savings for FaceBook fans. Thanks for your patience and support and I will be back to posting regularly soon!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm In Love....Again + A Giveaway!

Hello, lovelies! I know it's been a while but yours truly has been a very busy bee indeed and I've had an eventful few weeks. That said, I'm gushing over my latest hair find, which is absolutely, positively the very last tool which shall ever touch my hair, the loop brush.

A loop brush is exactly what it sounds like, a brush consisting of a series of loops, rather than boar, nylon, metal or plastic bristles. These loops are created to be gentle on human hair wigs and extensions. So why am I even talking about this? Because on a trip to the beauty supply store a few weeks back, I saw this among the other brushes and curiosity got the better of me. I bought it on impulse, holding on to the receipt and immediately started searching for forum and YouTube reviews when I got home. What I found was a bit disheartening. Only one other blogger had written of using a loop brush on natural hair and all other reviews only raved about their use on hair pieces.

But I figured that this brush couldn't do more damage that the accursed Denman brush and, because of the design, would at least give me similar detangling to a paddle brush without the scalp scratching of the Tangle Teezer. My instincts did not steer me wrong this time! The loop brush is a dream! Even more gentle than my seamless comb, while getting out all the shed hair, and not once snagging at my hair like the paddle brush or scratching my scalp.

I love the loop brush SO much, that I will be giving one away! Leave a comment about your current favourite hair tool and why you love it and I will choose a winner next Sunday. Good luck, everyone!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

It's Only Mud; Save Your Money!

Anyone who follows the Youtube natural hair community has heard of the Terressentials Mud Wash, which is reported to cleanse and clarify the hair and scalp, aid in detangling and nourish the hair so that a conditioner is not even necessary. Sounds great, right? But Terressentials Mud Wash goes for approximately $30 for an 8 oz. bottle.

One of my favourite (and hands down the most informative) YouTubers, Roots4U45, has a recipe that allows kitchen chemists to perfectly duplicate the Teressentials Lavender Mud Wash, at a fraction of the price. So, as I've said before, buy in bulk, get mixing and save your money. Enjoy, everyone!

Lavender Hair Mud Wash

Monday, April 1, 2013

A Few of My Favourite....Vloggers: Day 7- MsVCharles

I missed my cue yesterday (Happy early April Fools'?) and forgot to post the last vlogger in this series, Vee (YouTube channel MsVCharles. This lovely vlogger managed to grow her hair out in record time doing nearly daily cowashes, kept it simple, styled her beautiful hair adorably and then, because she started a fitness journey, wasn't afraid to big chop once again! Gotta admire her hair and positive attitude :) Enjoy!